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TSI was founded in 2010 by ISA certified Arborist, Nate Goodwin on the principals of safety and efficiency in tree work.  After several years working for the US forest service as a timber feller, it was decided to bring the skill set back into town and offer years of forestry work back to the private sector in residential and commercial tree work. Rooted in the basic fundamentals of safety and utilizing the latest model equipment we offer all phase tree care and land management. With a deep well of experience and technical knowledge critical to providing optimal client satisfaction, our team's extensive skill set ensures you are hiring the company that aligns closest with your goals with tree and vegetation management 


Living within the forest or on the urban interface of the city can mean having an overgrown forest right at your doorstep. Thinning and removing the smaller subordinated trees away from the larger more established ones will ensure proper tree health for years to come. This practice promotes forest health thus leaving a better growing environment with proper spacing, airflow, and optimal light and water availability.  Thinning trees helps to ensure wildfire readiness. If we remove some of the heavy fuel areas in the forested area, we can substantially reduce the burn intensity should a fire come through. We can help clients acquire state-funded grants to help fund larger acreage projects that reduce wildland fuels on their property. 

Forestry Management

Brush and grass grow quickly and can be difficult to manage if left unattended for a few seasons. This can become a wildfire hazard as brush and grass are the main carrier of ground fires and promote the fastest rate of fire spread. We can manage this problem fast and efficiently with a 'flail mower' attachment for the equipment to mow and mulch all biomass debris up to 2" diameter. The mower masticates all the debris into a fine mulch that is mixed back into the soil and left on site. This eliminates the flammability of the fuel and offers back all plants biomass to the soil as a nutrient recovery rather than stripping it all away and removing it from the site. 

Vegetation Mangement

As ISA Certified Arborist, we believe tree pruning is the priority for the preservation of your trees.  As a general rule, all dead, broken or damaged branches should be removed to increase airflow, reduce areas of decaying wood that pest harbor in, improve aesthetics and most importantly improve the overall safety of your tree. Sometimes its just  a few branches removed to provide adequate clearance to your building or infrastructure, and other times its a full crown cleaning of all the dead limbs in the huge pine tree over your house, either way we can safely complete the work. For pruning we never use climbing spikes to access the tree, as it compromises the health of the tree to preserve, so we ascend on line to provide minimally invasive way of climbing the tree. Be very leary of anyone using climbing spikes on any tree to be preserved, we believe climbing spikes are only for tree removals. 

Tree Pruning/Trimming

Typically the last phase of tree removal, is the stump. Our stump grinders make quick work of grinding that pesky stump into chips that can easily be removed or left as mulch. This can transform the space into a new life with a blank slate of opportunity, weather to add more usable space, to improve aesthetics, or making way to add another plant to the space. Our grinders can get through a 36" wide gate, and treads lightly over existing landscaping to minimize impact. 

Tree Stump Removal

Generally done for safety reasons, tree removal is an important part of living around trees. Tree removal can be the best option for many reasons, as they can out grow their spaces, die, or become damaged or hazardous from a storm. We specialize in the safe take down and removal of dangerous trees in tight quarters, employing all the industry safety standards and rigging practices to ensure a safe work environment and to mitigate the hazard in or near living areas.  We use late model equipment for the most efficient and safe means of debris removal. 

Tree Removal

Preservation is the goal. IF there is an established tree with poor growth (multiple stems/trunks weakly attached)  structure that is still desired to remain, we can add a dynamic cable bracing system to the tree which reduces the likelihood of weaker stems breaking and failing. The system requires no hardware bolts or drilling to be done in the tree, its made of a UV stabilized nylon cord that is spliced into place, sized custom for each install, it will allow for the tree to continue growing and moving in normal winds but it creates a maximum distance two stems can move apart in a storm event. 

Tree Cabling

ISA Certified Arborist Consultation

By hiring an ISA Certified arborist to provide guidance on your trees you are ensuring that you are getting the most up to date and pertinent information on your trees. Weather its just advice you're seeking about your trees or a full work plan to be developed with a quote we can help you arrive at your tree goals

As the community grows, tree risk assessment is another big part of the job. If you have a bothersome tree, but dont just want to remove it yet, it may be worth having a tree risk assessment done to help you decied your level of comfort with it. The tree risk assessment model that the ISA developed, is the only way to chart and quantify the risk of any given tree. We take into account, tree location, species, targets around tree, tree condition etc. to arrive at a rating on a matrix of risk level, and likelihood of failure for you to decide what is the next best move for the tree. 

Tree Risk Assessment

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